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Awakening Our Aliveness is a 6-part immersive and interactive experience designed to help us to reconnect with recurring themes interconnected in our lives, relationships, and personal practices. We will look deep within as witnesses to our behaviors and emotions as we journey through the themes, through movement, conversation, reflection, and sharing.

Each workshop is facilitated by a professional in the fields of coaching, somatic-based practices, movement, and teachers of mindful-based practices. You are welcome to attend in your current state. We endeavor to create an environment that is open, friendly, and warm. To foster a deeper connection with our intrinsic capacity and potential to be healthy in the world, we use playfulness and grace in our approach.

Wellness is our birthright. We are allowed to be well.

  • May 15th: A Conversation on Rest with Ilana Grostern

  • May 22nd: The Longing - What you Seek is Seeking You with Judi Blum

  • May 29th: Somatic Surrender - Letting go of Control with Kristen Cere

  • June 5th: Re-Igniting our Aliveness What fuels us & What drains us with Ilana Grostern

  • June 12th: Self-Care through Inner Leadership with Lianne Bridges

  • June 26th: Courage - Tapping in on a cellular level with Kristen Cere

Cost: 6 workshops 180$

Time: 3 - 5pm

Place: Espace BE (NDG)

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